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Roughly about every month to 2 months, Disney releases new designs of ears. One of the latest pairs I spotted during my visit to Downtown Disney in Disneyland was the newest Ahsoka Tano Ears. 

The Newest Ahsoka Tano Ears

Details of Ahsoka Tano Ears

These ears definitely stand out! They are probably one of the most unique pairs I have seen and will be perfect for an Ahsoka Tano Disneyboud look.

This headband ears features Ahsoka’s most iconic feature, her head tails (lekku). These blue and white head tails on the ears are plush and look like they will come down near your shoulder, just like Ahsoka’s. I did not try them on.

Ahsoka Tano’s leather headband/crown piece is sewn on top of the head tails. It features some faux jewels. It would be cool if they were real, but most likely would have a hefty price tag if they did. 

The Newest Ahsoka Tano Ears

No Disney ears are complete without Mickey’s ears. The Mickey Ears slightly pop out from behind the head tails, but they are more pronounced from behind. 

The headband color is a beautiful burnt orange color, and it pops against the other colors featured in the ears. 

The Newest Ahsoka Tano Ears

Available to Purchase 

I spotted these ears at the Star Wars Trading Post in Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort. They have shown up at shopDisney. I am unsure if they arrived at the Walt Disney World Resort. 

Disney had released a pair before, but this newest pair is my favorite. I do not have a picture of the previous ears, but I found them on shopDisneyUK’s website. Click here to view. 

I am excited to see what other Ahoksa Tano Merch Disney will release to go with these ears and ahead on the new Star Wars tv series, Ahsoka, which is set to debut sometime in 2023. 

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