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I have been searching for ring lights with a little bit of Disney flair ever since I started my blog. I came across some Mickey Mouse Ring Lights that I want to bring a spotlight to! Anything that is Mickey Mouse Shaped makes it better and helps add to the Disney Spirit. All of these Mickey Mouse Ring Lights I found on Amazon.

Disney iJoy Mickey Mouse Clip-On Selfie Ring Light for Phone

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This adorable Mickey Mouse Shaped Selfie ring light is my go-to lighting source when taking photos for my blog. It has adjustable lighting – 3 LED Light settings (low, medium, & high), and it easily clips onto your phone.

Do not worry! It has anti-scratch padding to protect your phone. One is on the back of the Ring Light and one on the clip.

It is a compact size, roughly the size of my hand. This makes it easy to travel and fits nicely in my Loungefly.

My favorite feature is that it is rechargeable. No batteries needed! It does come with a charging cord for you to recharge it. I find that it does not take long to charge. It takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour to charge, depending on how much it needs to be charged. I find it stays charged for about 1 hour, but I notice the light brightness gets dimmer roughly between 20-30 minutes.

Mickey Mouse Ring Lights Charging Cable

For more information and/or to purchase, click here.

There is a Minnie Mouse Shape Selfie Ring Light if you are a Minnie Mouse fan. Click here to purchase.

Disney Mickey Mouse Ring Light

Now, if you are looking for something a little bigger to help get better lighting and Mickey Mouse-shaped, this ring light may do the trick. I have this one on my wish list to get!


This ring light is 12 inches in size. It has 3 LED lighting modes (Warm, Medium, and White)and 10 brightness levels. All are controlled with an adjustable remote control attached to the USB cord. This USB cord is the source for this ring light which you will plug into any USB source. With my ring light (I do not have this one yet, but I have a ring light that has the same USB cord), I like to use my Rechargeable Power Battery Pack to power it up.

The ring light comes with a tripod. The tripod does come with a phone holder to place your phone. The phone holder can rotate/move around to help find the perfect angle for your phone. 

If you want to purchase this Mickey Mouse Ring Light, click here.

The only negative I can say about this is the tripod cannot be adjusted to different heights, but that does not stop me from wanting it! It is so cute!

However, if you are looking for a Mickey Mouse Right Light with an adjustable tripod along with a green screen to help aid in creating some videos and such, check out this one here!