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One of my newest Loungefly bags, the Loungefly Mickey-O-Lantern Crossbody, is definitely getting me ready for the Halloween season, which kicks off officially at Disney World around mid-August! So just around the corner.

Loungefly Mickey-O-Lantern Crossbody
The shirt is from Fairytale Wish Design’s.

Details of the Loungefly Mickey-O-Lantern Crossbody

This is the second Loungefly crossbody I added to my collection. My first was the Princess Belle Castle Series.

Outside Details

What makes this bag unique is its shape! It is shaped like an actual pumpkin. It also has details typically seen in pumpkins, like the “groove” lines and stem.

Loungefly Mickey-O-Lantern Crossbody

Of course, since this is a Mickey-O-Lantern Crossbody, it has Mickey ears! The ears even have the “groove” lines you see in a pumpkin. Loungefly knows how to display the details in their bags! 

The true essence of a Jack O Lantern is the glowing face. This crossbody has that with the applique of Mickey’s face. It glows in the dark! This is my first glow-in-the-dark bag from Loungelfly. 

A tip for having a brighter glow is to shine a flashlight on it for a minute or so. 

On the back, you can find the Lougefly metal logo plate. This crossbody does Loungefly zipper pulls. 

Back of Loungefly Mickey-O-Lantern Crossbody

This crossbody has an adjustable strap that can be removed if you just want to display the Mickey-O-Lantern on a shelf. 

Inside Details 

The Halloween theme continues on the inside with the liner. The liner features an orange liner with an AOP (all-over print) with Mickey Jack O Lanterns with green vines, Mickey-shaped spider webs, bats, and tiny black dots. Sadly, there are no interior pockets, but it is a decent space inside. 


This crossbody roughly measures W 7.2″ x H 8.1″ x D 7.2. 

Available to Purchase

I purchased this fabulous crossbody from 707 Street. An authorized Loungefly seller. This was my first time ordering from them, and I was impressed. Shipping was fast and free! I will say it again free shipping (US orders.) I love the detailing of their wrapping paper, and they have great referral/rewards programs. 

If you sign up using my referral link, you will receive a $10 off coupon on your first order. In return (after your first purchase), I will receive 500 reward points! Click here for the referral link! 

Is there a Minnie Mouse Version?

If you are a Minnie Mouse fan and wish there was a Minnie Mouse version of this crossbody, you are in luck! Loungefly announced a Minnie Mouse version of this crossbody, along with a mini backpack. Both are coming soon. Click here to see Loungefly’s announcement on their Instagram and for more information. 

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