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One of my newest Loungefly bags is probably one of the most sophisticated Loungefly bags I have ever seen! That bag is Loungefly Black Panther Wakanda Forever Crossbody. 

Loungefly Black Panther Wakanda Forever Crossbody

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Details of the Loungefly Black Panther Wakanda Forever Crossbody


The first thing to draw my eye about this crossbody was the slick Black Panther metal medallion rivet featured in the center of the flap. It has a tarnished look to it. The medallion is roughly 3 inches in circumference. The flap also features an embossed tribal pattern. 

Loungefly Black Panther Wakanda Forever Crossbody

The color of the flap of this bag is what I would call a deep dark teal-ish blue.  This bag has a snap closure.

Loungefly Black Panther Wakanda Forever Crossbody

The bag is made with faux leather, just like most Loungefly bags. 

The bottom part of the bag is black and features a printed silver metallic tribal-like pattern. This pattern is on the front and the back. The tribal pattern reminds me of the one on the Black Panther Wakanda Forever Crocs

On the back, is Loungefly’s metal plate, but unlike the others, this one does not say Loungefly. It says, “Marvel Studios Black Panther Wakanda Forever.” 

This crossbody comes with an adjustable silver chain strap. The strap is not removable. The adjustable part of the strap is the same color as the flap and is made with the same material as the bag. 

Loungefly Black Panther Wakanda Forever Crossbody

A metallic silver detail is on the sides of the bag.

The bottom of the bag has 4 little foot knobs that help keep the bottom from touching the ground. 

Loungefly Black Panther Wakanda Forever Crossbody


The liner of this crossbody is a black background with the wording “Wakanda Forever” and two Black Panther logos all over. Wakanda Forever wording and logos are in 3 colors; white, gray, and deep teal-ish blue. 

Loungefly Black Panther Wakanda Forever Crossbody

One of the logos is a logo that looks like the medallion, and the other is the geometric shape of Black Panther.

The bag features two pockets with a divider. The back pocket is slightly larger than the front one. The front pocket features a one-slip pocket. I like how the pockets are divided. This keeps the contents I keep in my bag a little more organized. 

Loungefly Black Panther Wakanda Forever Crossbody


The crossbody measures approximately 9.5” W x 7” H x 4″ D. 

Where Did I Purchase the Loungefly Black Panther Wakanda Forever Crossbody?

This crossbody I purchased from one of Loungefly’s authorized small shops, 707 Street. I have purchased from them before. I got the Loungefly Mickey-O-Lantern Crossbody from them. One of the best things about buying from 707 Street is that they offer FREE SHIPPING on United States orders! That right! Free shipping! You can not beat that! 

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This crossbody is also available at other Loungefly Authorized Small Shops, along with being available on Loungefly

I highly recommend checking this crossbody out! It is such a well design and elegant bag. I think it is perfect for any Marvel/Black Panther fan!