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Outfit Ideas for the Festival of the Arts in Epcot

The Festival of the Arts in Epcot kicked off on January 14th, 2022. This festival, according to Disney, will last till February 22nd, 2022. I missed the festival by two days but was lucky enough to see some of the setups. It got me ...

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Merchandise Spotlight: The Cakeworthy Disney Princess Mini Backpack

For Christmas, all I asked for was anything Disney. My brother nailed the assignment with this the Cakeworthy Disney Princess Mini Backpack. This gift combines my love for Disney Princesses, bags/backpacks, and the brand Cakew ...

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A Look Inside My Disney Closet – Cakeworthy Disney Apparel

As an avid Disney shopper, I came across a lot of different brands. One brand that has stood out to me and has become one of my favorites is Cakeworthy. I have several Cakeworhty Disney Apparel pieces in my Disney closet. What is C ...

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