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One of my newest favorite Disney Pixar films is Turning Red. It takes place in the early 2000s. This is the same time I was a teenager in Middle School, so I can relate to the movie. I wanted a Loungefly based on this film for a while now. I finally found/purchased one. That is the Disney Pixar Turning Red Cosplay Loungefly Mini Backpack! 

Details of the Disney Pixar Turning Red Loungefly Mini Backpack

Disney Pixar Turning Red Loungefly Mini Backpack


This Loungefly Mini Backpack is a cosplay of Meilin Lee (aka Mei) in her red panda form. The main color is a gorgeous burnt red-orange color with maroon ( is what I would call it)and cream accents.

On the bag is Mei’s anxious/nervous expression with grinning teeth in a printed detail. Her pupils, eyelashes, and the space between the teeth are embroidered, and her eyes are sewn on appliques. 

Disney Pixar Turning Red Loungefly Mini Backpack

I love the placement of her paws (sewn on) surrounding the front pocket. The front pocket also features an embroidered outline detail of fur. The front zipper pocket features the Loungefly metal logo plate with the Pixar and Loungefly. 

Along with the front zipper pocket, the bag has two side pockets. 

 The back features in the bottom corner the wording “Messy, Loud, and Wild” surrounded by lightning bolts. 

Disney Pixar Turning Red Loungefly Mini Backpack

What makes the bag unique and unlike any Loungefly I have is that it features Mei’s red panda fuzzy striped tail. It says the tail is removable, but no button/buckle or something to remove it. I had to tug on it to remove it which made me nervous that it was going to break. I do not know if I am removing it correctly, but I thought it would be more like a buckle to remove. This is the only flaw I find with the bag.

Like most Loungefly mini backpacks, this one features padded adjustable straps, Loungefly zipper pulls, and a top handle. The majority of the bag is made from simulated leather.  


The liner has a lot going on in an AOP, and I am here for it. It features Mei in her human and her red panda forms in different expressions. Also on the liner are some food/snack items on a deep purple background. I love the richness of the deep purple background.

Disney Pixar Turning Red Loungefly Mini Backpack

The colors of the different images on the liner match the ones featured on the outside.

There is one slip pocket on the inside within the main inside compartment. This bag is storage galore with all of the storage/pocket options it offers. 


This bag measures roughly 8″ W x 10″ H x 4.5″ D. 

Where did I purchase it?

I purchased this Loungefly from Amazon.

Available to purchase by clicking here.

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