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 I love a fun carnival game to play. One of my favorites that I played during my trips to Disney California Adventure is the La Luna Star Catcher. It is one of the four games of Pixar Pier. 

La Luna Star Catcher Game

Information in this blog post is based on my two visits to Disney California Adventure (Fall of 2022 and Fall of 2023). 

What are the Games of Pixar Pier?

The games of Pixar Pier are carnival-style games located at Pixar Pier in DCA. The games are themed around Pixar films and/or shorts. Games available include

  • La Luna Star Catcher
  • WALL-E Space Race
  • Bullseye’s Stallion Stampede 
  • Heimlich’s Candy Corn Toss

More information on the other games is on the Disneyland website

Details of the La Luna Star Catcher Game

La Luna is a fishing-style game based on the Pixar animated short La Luna. The La Luna Star Catcher Game is the only game out of the 4 games of Pixar Pier that you are guaranteed to win a prize. The color of the dot on the star determines what prize level you win. 

How to Play the La Luna Star Catcher Game?

In this game, you are trying to catch, aka fish, one star that floats around in a little stream in the booth. You are handed a little hand-held net to fish out, aka catch, a star. You can only catch one star at a time, even if you playing multiple times.

Once you select/catch your star, the cast member in the booth will remove it from the net and flip the star over to reveal the color dot.  There are three color dots that the star can have. Green, Blue, and Red. 

  • Green Dot = Small Prize
  • Blue Dot= Medium Prize
  • Red Dot= Large Prize

Depending on if they have more than one item in the prize category, the cast member will ask you which prize you want in the level you got. You can not trade up for a prize. You can not trade prizes between the booth of the other Pixar Pier Games.


La Luna Star Catcher Game

The cost to play this game is 1 token. 1 token is $5. There is a token machine in which you can change your cash to tokens. Please note no change or refunds are available.

The machines do not accept card payments. They only accept cash. The bills it takes include $5, $10, and $20, according to the information on the machine. If that is the only way you can pay, you will need to meet with a cast member of Pixar Pier Games.


Three prize sizes are available in this game: small, medium, and large. Prizes in each category are based on availability. Here is a look at the prizes that were available during the two different times I played. 

The first time I played was right before Ooogie Boogie Bash. I won a small prize then. On the next visit, I played 4 times and won 3 smalls and 1 medium.

What I like about the prizes is that you can not get them anywhere else at the park. Some of the prize plushies say Pixar Pier, which I think makes a nice souvenir to commemorate your visit to Pixar Pier at DCA.  

Check out the La Luna Star Catcher game at Pixar Pier during your magical visit to Disney California Adventure. I already have plans to play again the next time I visit DCA. I am on a mission to get a red dot!